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Peace Poles bring people together. People gather at schools and homes within their communities to share this dedication of peace.

Everyone can erect a Peace Pole. If you are inspired by the idea and wish to promote the message of peace, you can dedicate a Peace Pole as an individual, a family, with a group of friends or a community.

Gathered around peacepole

You need not belong to any particular faith or school of thought. They have been presented as gifts to friends on all walks of life - from school children to presidents. In a ceremony at the United Nations, members planted a Peace Pole to express their collective responsibility to foster peace.

Our Peace Poles are made in Japan of durable white plastic to withstand weather and time. They have a hollow core to allow for messages of peace to be inserted for posterity. For Peace Poles made in the United States, visit The Peace Pole Project of the World Peace Prayer Society.

We encourage you to support Peace Foundation by planting a Peace Pole in your community today!

Peace Pole Ceremony